Why have your own social network?


“Houston, we have a social media problem”

Businesses and influencers say it is getting harder to make meaningful connections with potential customers on the larger social media platforms. There is too much ‘noise’. There is too much surface area with algorithms controlling everything. Platforms are too big and too cluttered to be the right place to hold useful, credible and relevant conversations and to reach customers. Not to mention the challenges around data control and insights.


What do people want?

Consumers now want more control over how they communicate, share information and interact with like-minded people. They are looking for consistent, unified digital experiences that deliver value, utility and actual emotional connection.  They want information, help and entertainment from trusted sources and to be able to share and network within communities - without being targeted by irrelevant advertising and heavy-handed messaging.

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We provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective, fully customisable social network. Brand it the way you want it.
We give you access to a marketplace of apps with which to customise your platform. We offer Expert Services to boost your performance. And last but not least, we give you a Tools Platform on which you can control and manage your data. Nice.

We make it possible for brands and individuals to have a stronger, safer, scalable,
more profitable and meaningful relationship with their users and community.


Need more convincing? 

Here are more benefits of having your own social network.

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Customer service

It is faster and easier to pick up on problems and answer questions within a dedicated group.   

Increased traffic

Communities have a halo effect on other brands’ digital real estate and properties.    

Low cost

Connectt’s Basic plan is FREE and we have pricing tiers to fit any size client, big or small   

Loyalty programmes

Embellish your existing loyalty programmes while incentivising community engagement.    

Enhance your brand

Branded communities demonstrate a willingness to listen and empower customers.       

Social selling

Integrate your brand’s shopping experience, rewards and loyalty platform in one place.     


Consumers will be more receptive to messages about products and services that are relevant to them.    


Having your own social network allows you to brand it exactly the way you want it.    

Advocacy + acquisition

Engaged group members will be brand advocates and share their experiences.    

Higher engagement

Closed communities achieve an average of 30%+* engagement when 1-3% is the industry benchmark.    
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Data Power

Useful data is owned you; data insights deliver a competitive advantage. No third parties.    
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 Subscriptions and in-app purchases can help boost your revenue by 20%**.    

Feedback for R&D

Monitoring and reviewing will quickly provide insights for product development.    


Any community will attract ‘superfans’ who will participate in co-creation projects and defend your brand.    


Your brand is represented in a safe environment, free from potentially damaging content.    

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