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We provide brands, organisations and influencers with your own means of connecting with your audience through a unique social network platform, completely controlled by you. No longer is it necessary to rely on others to decide the way that you connect with your community or the relationship you have with your users.

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Social Network

A responsive platform to create your own social network app



A marketplace to add more apps to suit your network goals

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Expert Services

Expert services to help you boost your network performance

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Tools Platform

Admin tools to control and analyse your network


Social Network

Create your own social network. We give you a mobile and desktop platform where you can upload your logo, choose the structure from a range of templates, pick your colours, fonts, icons, and features, like feeds, groups, events and live-streaming. All in an easy to use interface.

Your logo • Your App structure • Your look • Your features

All our networks come with standard social functionalities.

Profiles and Groups • Friending and Following • Feeds and Multimedia posts • Hashtags and Search • Messaging, DMs and @mentions • Live-streaming • Push notifications • And more



Customize your social network to your KPIs. We give you access to a marketplace of apps, from moderation and live chats, to eCommerce and rewards programs, personalise your app to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless.

eCommerce • Moderation • Live Chat • Analytics • Ad creation tools • Data gathering tools • And more


Expert Services

Boost your performance with a range of professional services from our team. With our wealth of experience in community management, moderation services, design implementation and much more, we are on hand every step of the way to help you adapt and manage your network as it grows.

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Tools Platform

Take Control. The Tools Platform controls the administration area of your network. Here you can upload your logo, change the colours to reflect your brand or control what your audience sees and how they communicate. 

You can learn about your users by analysing their behaviour and targeting posts by their location, age, gender or numerous other metrics that are provided within the dashboard.


The Dashboard is an easy to use interface that allows you to do all the things you need to manage your social media network. You can access it by visiting a simple url and logging in and the user doesn’t need to know about coding or software programs to operate it, anyone can use it.

It’s made up of tabs showing all of the options available to edit the front-end of the site. Once a tab is selected, the selection will populate the dashboard, allowing the user to make changes according to the tab they have selected.


- Branding
- Authentication
- Security

- Create
- Manage


- Queue
- History





- Permissions



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