The Technology behind Connectt

You no longer need to subject your brand’s social capital to third parties who control what users see and what they can do.

Now you can integrate the features that matter to your brand and drive engagement, purchase, retention, loyalty - whatever your goals are.

B2B Servicing B2C

The core Connectt platform is specific to the social aspects, abstracting support for core concepts via webhooks ad events

Clients can implement their own services to augment the Connectt platform using web hook or event interfaces

Flexible Architecture

Template Driven web and mobile experience

Plugins installed and configured to deliver the desired user experience

Interactions to external services, e.g. IDM, Ecommerce , CRM, etc. achieved via our public API

Context Sensitive Plugins

Customisable user interface and experience, so you can follow social traditions and norms or create your own on brand experience

Connectt manages your social network, as as single tenant, no cross pollination between tenants

Populate the user experience with context and targeted sentiment by building against the public APIs

Control and manage the social community by using our tools platform or by leveraging public APIs to use our existing tools