Why building a business that’s dependent on FB

Digiday Editor in Chief Brian Morrissey says publishers were naïve if they didn’t think Facebook would eventually put its own interests above theirs.

On the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Digiday President and Editor in Chief Brian Morrissey talks about how the digital media and marketing business is pivoting toward live events and away from Facebook growth-hacking. Morrissey says he’s happy to see the end of “flimsy, overly engineered media brands,” many of which were too dependent on other platforms to make money.

Last week, Facebook exec Campbell Brown allegedly told a group of Australian publishers that CEO Mark Zuckerberg “doesn’t care about publishers.” Asked about those quotes, Morrissey said that even though Brown denies making them — well, yeah.

“The fact is, a lot of publishers made poor strategic decisions,” he said. “You can’t rely on someone else to solve your problems. You have to solve your problems on your own.”

“I don’t think many people are going to build publishing strategies and their models around Facebook anymore,” Morrissey added. “I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think that publishers should build their own strategies and as much as possible control what you can control. Facebook will do what’s in Facebook’s interest. The idea of being dependent on Facebook or being dependent on any other platform is crazy.”


Here, you can read the full transcript of Kafka’s conversation with Morrissey.