Get to know… Sophie Bower

Get to know… Sophie Bower

What do you do?

I primarily look after the marketing for Campus Society – our social network for students - and dabble a little with our B2B parent company, Connectt, and our social network for women, Female Tribes.


What does a typical day consist of in your role?

Every day can vary quite a bit, as is common with a busy start-up environment, but one thing that is consistent is the mix of hard work and fun we have in the office. I love coming to work and the team we have here plays a huge part in that. The development of the team is also really important for me day-to-day. As the business grows, everyone can grow, so there are constant opportunities to learn new skills and for progression inside the company.


What are your biggest professional challenges?

Building brands from scratch is a big challenge, but also the key reason I joined the company. There is such a huge opportunity in the market for Connectt and our consumer-facing brands, Campus Society and Female Tribes. The world of social media is changing every day, and we are seeing movement towards smaller, bespoke social networks around the world. It’s exciting to be a part of this.


What is your favourite social media feature?

Stories with some well-placed GIFs are definitely my most-used feature at the moment.


Get to know you: adventurous or relaxing holiday?

I love both, especially as my favourite thing to do is travel. I definitely try and lock in one of each type of holiday during the year to mix it up. This year, it was an adventure through Morocco and I’ve got a relaxing holiday in the Med coming up in the Summer. Plus, I do love to get home to Australia when I can!