Get to know… Oliver Church

Get to know… Oliver Church

Oliver Church is in charge of Ad Operations here at Connectt. He works to provide the best experience for both users and advertisers across our brands - Campus Society and Female Tribes. As we build our brand globally alongside ever-changing industry laws and tech, Oliver faces new and exciting challenges every day.

What do you do?

I’m the Head of Ad Operations at Connectt. If someone asks me to sum up my job in a few words, my typical response tends to be “I help keep the internet free” - advertising is unfortunately a necessity, otherwise the entire Internet would be behind a paywall, and where’s the fun in that?

What does a typical day consist of in your job?

Generally speaking, I look after any and all things advertising-related; from technology through to privacy, making sure campaigns go live on time and ensuring clients needs are met along the way. At the moment, we’re preparing for the launch our SaaS platform, so I’m making sure that we have all the necessary ingredients in place in order to make a pretty awesome meal!

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Probably keeping on top of what is happening within the industry; the technology and laws are ever-changing, and as an individual (and as a company) you have to learn to be fluid in order to cope with whatever is thrown your way, even if that means having to change your well-laid plans.

What is your favourite social media feature?

It has to be Facebook Login, it’s so useful being able to sign-up to another site without wasting time having to fill out a bunch of details and thinking up yet another secure password. But I’m looking forward to replacing this with Apple’s upcoming “Sign in with Apple” feature, as I discussed in my previous blog post.

I’ve also lost track of the number of times I’ve accidentally gone down a Facebook video rabbit hole (where one video auto-plays after another), it’s especially useful in the kitchen while doing a boring task like the washing up!

What is the last track you couldn’t stop listening to on repeat?

According to Spotify, my most played song last year was Thrice - The Grey. This has just reminded me that I need to renew my subscription, I’ve become too interested in podcasts recently…