Get to know... Karl Watkiss

Get to know... Karl Watkiss

Karl Watkiss is Connectt’s guru on all things Moderation and Support. He has an answer for every difficult situation and is always able to solve problems thrown his team’s way (including during company quizzes!). Get to know him in our latest team Q&A:

What’s your role at Connectt?

I’m the Head of Support and Moderation for Connectt and I look after a team of managers and moderators who take care of all things moderation. We have some ambitious expansion plans coming up in the near future, so along with expanding our current team, I’m looking into suitable options to provide some controlled and secure scalability. In addition, one of our current projects is shortly going to roll out into multiple languages – 27 in total – all of which will require native or near native speaking teams.

What does a typical day consist of in your job?

To be honest, it’s more atypical than typical. Broadly speaking, the main focus of the day is on support. Along with the daily moderation and user support we provide – what to do with this user, that post, user queries etc. - my team and I are constantly working on ways to either improve the efficiency of the moderators or improve the UX. We have regular workshopping sessions where we address a particular issue or concern; the trick to these so they add real value, is to identify the issues before they happen. That way, you’re adding to the general level of support you provide rather than firefighting a live problem. It’s also an effective way of engaging with your team and ensuring everyone is always fully up-to-date with the multiple guidelines and rulings we have to manage.

What are your biggest professional challenges?

There are two: Resourcing and remaining agile.

As with any service provider, having the right amount of people for the work required is always a balancing act. Making sure you have enough spare capacity built into the team to cope with spikes is important, as is having access to additional resources - and the training times associated with bringing new people in if more prolonged cover is required. Then we repeat the whole process for each of the language teams.

Remaining agile is equally, if not more, important. Government regulations, political extremism, the current social zeitgeist, brand protection and managing and supporting third party client requests, all impact the service we provide. The result of this is that the guidelines are constantly evolving, meaning the teams need to be kept updated and supported to ensure the quality of our service is retained.

What is your favourite social media feature?

I don’t have a favourite as such, but I’m keen on anything that provides simplicity and efficiency. Features should feel natural and organic, requiring very little (if any) explanations on how to use them. That, and good customer support!

Get to know you: iPhone or Android?

Having initially rejected Apple products, I’m now a full-on convert with a desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone. I particularly like their stability and how easily they integrate with one another. I’m sure Android products are fine too… but I’m happy to stick with Apple, thanks!