Get to know… Fabiana Xavier

Get to know… Fabiana Xavier

Fabiana heads up our Creative department here at Connectt. She has been instrumental in rebranding the Connectt and Campus Society networks and in developing our new partnership with women’s collective Female Tribes.

What is your role?

I’m the Creative Director for Connectt. I’m responsible for the branding, creative development and communications of the business - this means ensuring we’re perceived in the market as we want to be, from a creative point of view. The deliverables vary a lot, from creating investor information packs to collaborating on marketing campaigns.

What does a typical day consist of in your job?

Spinning lots of different plates at the same time - we’re very busy! No one day is the same. More often than not, my plans for the day will get blown out of the water before I finish my morning flat white.

On a serious note, I focus on curating a creative environment which ensures the business’s key messages are delivered consistently across the corporate and sub-brands within Connectt.

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Keep the work sharp, relevant, engaging, innovative and entertaining. I have high standards and high expectations for the work we produce.

What is your favourite Social Media feature?

‘Save to’ on Instagram - you can save any content you like into collections. And I have loads.

What is your biggest passion outside of work?

Women’s empowerment in business; I’m the president of SheSays London, the only global creative network specifically for women. I work on it at weekends and in the evenings, organising events and networking. It’s a great leadership opportunity in an area that can suffer from a lack of focus in the creative industry.