Get to know… Elizabeth Hall

Get to know… Elizabeth Hall

Meet Liz, our Digital Product Designer. She's previously worked for PhotoBox, The Times, and most recently Lyst - we're very lucky to have her here at Connectt!

What do you do?

I am a Digital Product Designer here at Connectt. I design usable products and experiences, creating not just what a digital experience will look like but also how it works.

What does a typical day consist of in your job?

This can vary day to day depending on where we are in a project. I could be sketching, prototyping, user testing, problem-solving with my team or having ‘headphones time’ (when I’m deep into design and deliverables). It’s part of what I love about my job, every day can be quite different; when working in a start-up, it's all hands on deck!

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Patience and compromise. Now it's just part of the job, but when getting into digital design from being a print designer, it was difficult at first to sacrifice design perfection in order to achieve deadlines and get the product out into the world. Learning to not be precious about the work and being able to scrap something that’s not working was really important, as was learning to be patient and pragmatic. So much of design is about working within limitations, and you have to be realistic about that.

What is your favourite social media feature?

I take photos of everything. So quite simply, it’s my Instagram feed. I love how my favourite life events are captured in order; it's like my highlight reel.

Cats or dogs?

I can never decide, so neither! I’m a scuba diver and it’s what I love to do most in the world. So get me underwater and point me in the direction of some big ol’ fish or colourful sea slugs.