Get to know… Andrew Dunn

Get to know… Andrew Dunn

Andy is our Chief Technical Officer here at Connectt. Known for his good humour around the office, his team describe him as easy going and always open to discussion.

What do you do?

I'm the CTO for Connectt, I look after Engineering and Support operations. So Product, Development, QA, DevOps, Data and Operational Support (SRE). This allows me to ensure that we deliver the platform end to end and via product work in conjunction with the rest of the business. If done well, people should be oblivious to our efforts as the service will meet and exceed their expectations and always be there.

What does a typical day consist of in your role?

I’m not sure any day is really the same. The main focus is on delivery, so typically my day revolves around anything that helps remove obstacles for my team; be that budget, recruiting, architecture, design, or product input. I work closely with our COO and his teams to ensure the service is up, working, and we have the engineering pipeline to drop updates, fixes and new features on a regular cadence.

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Hiring, in my mind, will always be the biggest professional challenge and always has been in any company or team. Beyond ensuring we have enough resources at the right moment (so that we don’t hire too early or late and impact timelines and budgets), the real challenge is finding people of the right calibre, ethos and mindset to work in an agile business. Hiring those who want to be different and who have a team spirit means we enjoy coming to work and being in the trenches with one another. It only takes one wrong egg to upset the team’s efforts and achievements, so we always prioritise team fit. It does mean we have probably passed over some good engineers, but that’s a good thing if we, for whatever reason, thought they would be disruptive or take away from the huge achievements the team have made.

What is your favourite social media feature?

This is a tough one, as the feature I like most is the simplicity of the platforms I use, so I can get access to the content of my network quickly, cleanly and enjoy the engagement.

Get to know you: Netflix or T.V.?

I haven’t watched ‘proper’ T.V. in what seems like an age. Having a young family, working in London and the other aspects of life mean that I would rarely be there to watch a program on time. So Netflix all the way for me, I can binge when I need to and I can watch at my leisure.