The four pillars fundamental to building a safe community

The four pillars fundamental to building a safe community

With all the recent data safety concerns around the social media giants, companies need to strive towards a better future which supports not only its users but their data security.

We believe there are four pillars which all social media platforms should be built on that empower users, organisations and brands.

We recently outlined our top 10 ways that social media will change in 2019, and with these current developments there is a pressing need for all social networks to head in a new direction where there is trusted content, trusted privacy, and trusted security. Data safety and privacy permissions must be at the core of any social network, and at Connectt we are building our platform in such a way to ensure this is the case.

Our focus centres around four key pillars that we believe are fundamental to all businesses as they build their own communities, whether it be through direct customer communications, or through building their own social network:

1. Data Safety

Own your data and ensure it is kept in the safest way possible: from encryption to access protocol, and processes to protect user data rights. Setting up your data practices from the beginning is paramount to giving your users the confidence to be a part of your community. 

2. Privacy permissions

Users should always be in the driver’s seat. Users will no longer trust businesses where they cannot control their own permissions and have easy access to amend them whenever they like. This has to be at the forefront of all activity. 

3. Storage Security

Ensure your business has secure storage of data, kept safe from any destructive forces, such as a cyberattack, or from any unwanted actions of unauthorised users with a data breach. 

4. Compliance

In a world of GDPR and tighter global laws, we all need to ensure our compliance with these regulations is watertight. The risks for our users are too high not to be.

Whatever any brand, community or influencer develops, the first priority is creating a trusted community, one that is underpinned by robust privacy and security protections for all users. Not only that, but users should always be in the driving seat of their information and permissions.

This has to be the case for all social networks as we move forward in 2019.