Students can now study better and cheaper

Students can now study better and cheaper

Books are an expensive necessity for university students. Not only do they put a dent in those precious student funds, but they are also heavy to carry around and not so kind to the environment. 

Campus Books was born out of an opportunity to help students save time, space, and money with an online textbook offering.  We recently checked-in with our Campus Society student community and found that over 60% have already used an online textbook in their studies.

We have worked closely with our partner, Bibliotech, to bring students an easy way to download course books, reference books, as well as a range of novels and guides. Students can access over 100,0000 books for FREE or with a FREE 14-day trial offer – making it a risk-free decision for the commitment phobes. Post-trial, students can then pay for the book which will be less than the RRP, saving them some much needed cash.


Easy Access and Improved Productivity.

Students can access all of their textbooks from any device, anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, saving them from years of potential back pain. But, we’ve also looked at how students use textbooks and ensured that we have productivity features which help students to study better.

  • Read faster: students can search for keywords and effortlessly source quotes for essays.

  • Work collaboratively: they can share notes and collaborate with others on every book with annotation features and comments.

  • Stay organised: the Reading Lists feature helps students easily find and organise the books they are using.

  • Useful features: highlighting, night reading mode, reference downloads, custom colours and flux mode.


Coming Soon: Campus Books App

Just around the corner is an all-new Campus Books App, where students will be able to read all their books through one easy-to-access app. Stay tuned!


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