Get your own social network. The way you want it. 

We provide social network as a service for brands, organisations and influencers. So you can build a safer, scalable and more meaningful relationship with your users and community.


Why have your own social network?


Make it Your Own.

Build and customise your social network. Pick features, colours, and icons the way you want it.

High Engagement.

Our clients achieve an average of 30%+* engagement when 1 to 3% is the industry benchmark.


Monetise & Drive ROI.

Subscriptions and in-app purchases from our marketplace can help boost your revenue by 20%**


Data Power.

Own your data. No more paying to tap into big network data. GDPR compliant and secure.



Now you can decide the look and feel of your social network. Connectt’s social network app allows you to instantly change the design of your site - just the way you want it.



Pick and choose additional apps from our marketplace and take your social network to the next level. Only select what you need. The possibilities are endless.



Our expert services team set you up for success. We provide design and implementation, moderation, social strategy and ‘Social Success’ to our world-class insights hub.


Take Control

We give you total control. Just log in to the admin dashboard and get a range of tools to help you manage and analyse your social network performance, all in an easy to use interface with absolutely no coding experience required.


Your data. Safe

Your data is yours to keep. No third parties, no middle man.


Security taken seriously

We take security very seriously. We’re a proud member of the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) and had been certified by them. We’re here to make you and your community safe and GDPR compliant.


* Campus Society avg. annual engagement rate with DAUs - ** The University of Michigan recently published research into online branded communities. They found that customers who join a brand’s online community spend on average 20% more than those who don’t.

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