Your Social Network

We connect people to the groups, ideas and brands they love.

Social Network as a Service

We build branded social networking platforms that allow you to connect and engage with your customers in your own way.

You no longer need to subject your brand’s social capital to third parties who control what users see and what they can do. Now you can integrate the features that matter to your brand and drive engagement, purchase, retention, loyalty - whatever your goals are.

Connectt is a Social Network as a Service platform that gives you the ability to provide branded social networking solutions for your customers, employees, remote business partners or any group aligned around a common interest.

Integrated Ecommerce and Social Selling

Your customers have grown accustomed to spending time on social media. But they are there for all sorts of reasons and your brand has to scream to get attention – all you can do is throw money at the challenge.

Instead, it’s time to integrate your shopping experience and rewards platform within your own branded social network experience. Social selling done your way.

Drive traffic from other social platforms to your experience. Keep the data, own your customers and service them without a third party algorithm making decisions about what YOUR customers see and do.

Engage Distributed Teams and Employees

Your teams, work-from-home partners, they all spend their days on social media networks. But not YOUR Social Media Network. Stop competing for share of voice with vacation photos, baby pics and selfies.

Engage your team in group discussions that help drive business goals. Onboarding, training, collaboration and retention.

Help align teams and projects. Find out what your teams really care about. Create feedback loops, track your data, your way. Establish YOUR rules for YOUR community.

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Run Your Community as a Social Network

We see it all the time. A website includes “Community” in their navigation but there is no one home. No activity, zero engagement.

In some cases, it’s just a link to blog posts or photo galleries with links off to other social media sites. Sometimes you get thrown into message boards and forums. Is this 2004?

Consumers are now used to activity feeds, posting, commenting, sharing, stories, you name it. Integrate familiar functionality into your existing experience. Watch engagement soar, collect data and provide a great two-way dialogue with your community.

The UKs largest social network for students

Campus Society was born in 2014. We launched the platform with a focused purpose – to connect new university students in the UK with peers who shared common interests.

We’ve helped students connect from all across the UK – freshers to third year, high school students to first years, and have partnered with UCAS to help guide students in their world. We continue to own and operate our own social network and we think this gives us the experience and credibility to build one for you.

We have learned what works and what doesn’t, we have experimented with a variety of services and continue to learn every day.

Creating that direct contact with your tribe is the next frontier